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The ReBots are coming to the

Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival.

September 25-27 2015

Sonoma CA

Susan WIegardts   Portfolio

I’ve always been a Junker at heart. I admire the old graphics on antique tins and the beauty of a rusty household thumb oiler.  I search for these and other vintage and unusual hard to find objects that can be incorporated into the design of a ReBot. I love old stuff and like keeping it out of the land fill, especially cameras, sewing machines and typewriters. Attachment is everything, and since all metals can’t be soldered together, they must be drilled for bolts or rivets.  Metal can be an unforgiving medium, so I like to measure twice.

 I use a variety of hand and power tools, drills, cutters, a pressurized air riveter, high speed grinders, and polishers. In the engineering or design phase, balance, weight, and color guide my design decisions.  Large ReBots are electrified similar to a lamp with a cord, and have filament bulbs which can be changed.  Smaller ReBots are wired inside the head or body. They light up with new LED’s, which I solder to a power source and an on/off switch. These lighting parts are all “New”, except for the vintage lights.

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Coming in Mid October,  You will be able to purchase ReBots here!  Please check back soon.